Would you USE your friend’s BREASTMILK to….

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Cure your pink eye?

Are you disgusted? well that is what Makeup guru, Jackie Aina of makeupgameonpoint did in a VLOG she shared a year ago.

According to DailyMailUK

A popular YouTube beauty guru has come under fire from her viewers after she revealed that she uses her nursing friend’s breast milk as a homeopathic remedy for combating eye infections

Jackie Aina, who runs the YouTube channel Makeup Game On Point, shared her bizarre trick for treating eye infections, including pink eye, in a recent video about her favorite beauty hacks – but not all of her 400,000 followers approved of her suggestion that people should put someone else’s bodily fluid in their eyes.

‘That hack can actually be very dangerous,’ one of the video’s 450 commenters wrote. ‘Breast milk is a bodily fluid that can transmit many infections/diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, CMV, some Herpes viruses and more.’ 

The critic continued: ‘Regardless of how close a friendship between you and a friend, you can never be fully aware of all the details of their medical history, so I would strongly advise against it.’

In response, Jackie noted that she never suggested people should take breast milk from strangers.

‘This was not at all some random chick I went to high school with,’ she explained. ‘The precautions are something everyone should take heed to but I definitely know better.’

She continued: ‘I care about my subscribers way too much to just put irresponsible information out there like that, however, if someone does not utilize good judgment on things like this it is not at the responsibility of the YouTuber.’

But her explanation failed to convince her critics, with a second person adding: ‘There has GOT TO be another option than breast milk… like come on.’

‘Ummm of course there is another option than breast milk,’ Jackie replied. ‘But it works and is efficient.’

And while her beauty trick may not have gone down well with all of her viewers, some of Jackie’s fans were happy to defend her and her advice

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