Would you spend $25,000 (N4,000,000) on WEAVES?

This is how much Writer, Documentary filmmaker Erikka Yancy spent on Hair services in a year and half. She states in her HuffingtonPost article:

PhotoCredit: PerfectLocks.com

I got so much attention for my hair. I changed it nearly every two months and everyone always thought it was really my hair, or at least I convinced myself they did. I prided myself on getting realistic styles. I didn’t even really know what my own hair looked like. I was cast in roles based on my hair — but which hair? Once I had to reshoot a scene for a movie and could not remember which hair I had for continuity. That was pretty funny.


Read the rest of the article on HuffingtonPost.com-> http://www.huffingtonpost.com/erikka-yancy/hair-weave-addiction_b_3065875.html

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