Trending: Dark Lips

Ok I’m biased, I have a thing for Dark Lipstick, not just a thing, I am obsessed.

and Luckily so, seeing as it seems to be very popular right now.

Check it out!

Black Chy’na and Amber Rose rocking Jet Black Lips. PhotoCredit: Amber Rose Instagram
Nigerian Model Ify Jones rocking really dark brown lips. PhotoCredit: Ify Jones Instagram
Nigerian Dancer Ezinne rocking this super sexy edgy look! PhotoCredit: Ezinne CEO Dancer Instagram
Nigerian BBA star, Beverly, rocking a dark matte lippy! PhotoCredit: Zoey Blaq Instagram
I love this look from a model on @BeautySupplyUSA Instagram handle. Love the multiple colored hair and dark lips combo.
Finally, Nigerian Artist Eva Alordiah is super avant garde with this dark lips and pixie cut combo. PhotoCredit: Eva Alordiah Instagram


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