Top BEAUTY Moments from Beyoncé’s Formation

Social Media was buzzing this weekend over the release of Beyoncé’s music Video for the song “Formation”.

If you missed it, please google it, it was just EPIC

From the Fashion, Dance to Videography, everything about this fire was on point. But our favourite part of the Video were the Hair/Beauty Inspirations by Queen B. The video has been described as a celebration of all things Black, Southern and Bossy!

Here are our TOP Beauty Moments from Formation


Middle part braids

I forsee this hairstyle trending in the next couple of weeks. According to Beyoncé’s hairstylist, Kimberly Kimble, “Braids are beautiful and a part of fashion”.



Goddess braids

I am a major fan of goddess braids, they are so elegant and yet very simple.



Textured Afro

This is a classic Bey look. Beyoncé’s hairstylist achieved this look by using water and conditioner, her goal was have the hair not look defined.



The French Braid Pigtails

According to Kimberly Kimble, the hairstylist that helped Beyoncé achieve all her hair looks in this video, Braids played an integral role in this video. “She started her career in Braids, so that is a throwback, in a way”



Blue Ivy ‘Fro

We can’t talk about our favourite beauty moments, without mentioning the cutest moment on the video! Blue Ivy’s Cameo. Queen Bey showcased her daughter’s mane in a verse where she talked about loving her baby’s hair with Afro.



Which of these BEY Looks were your favourite?



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