The N2.8 Million Brazillian Butt Lift


How much would you spend to look like your favourite celebrity? Actually would you want to look like your favourite celebrity?

Meet Marlene Chinea, the woman that spent $10,000 (rougly N2.8 million) to look like her idol; Kim Kardashian.


According to an article by the Daily Mail,

Chinea opted to have the procedure after trying to achieve the sculpted look through exercise with little progress.

“No matter how much exercise I did, I’d never get the results I wanted,” she said.

She had to gain weight for the butt lift, which took 4 pounds of fat from her other body parts and injected them into her backside.

Her surgery was performed by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, who is better known as Dr. Miami due to his popularity in the area. According to him, more and more people are opting for butt lifts, largely because the curvy shape that’s currently in style is very difficult to achieve naturally.

Chinea said she was happy with the results of the surgery and wasn’t planning on doing any more work at this time.

“I was so excited with my new body that I was sure to buy outfits that Kim K would wear,” she said. “I bought a couple of bodysuits and pencil skirts like she’s always wearing.”

I guess if you’ve got the money you can spend it

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