The Most Creative Makeup Artist in the WORLD?

If there ever was such a title this Lady needs to win it.

A collection of her transformations. PhotoCredit: IG Makeupmag

Magali Beauve, a makeup artist from Paris has been causing quite a sensation on Social Media for her amazing ability to transform into any celebrity with her amazing Contouring skills.

According to Magali, she discovered this special talent over a year ago, when she decided to transform herself into Michael Jackson, and now more than 10 celebrities later, she is able to contour and highlight herself to any rapper, singer, or actress and doll! (checkout her Chucky transformation)

Checkout some of our favorite transformations.

Magali as Lil Wayne
Magali as Brandy
Magali as Swiss Beatz
Magali as Rick Ross
Magali as Chucky


The Beautiful Face behind all the transformations


Her Instyle Magazine Interview

Checkout more of her transformations by visiting her Instagram page (@makeupmag) and Facebook page

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