Tattoo your bald spot

If you are experiencing hairloss then this post is for you.

It seems there’s a new hair trend that involves permanently tattooing your edges or baldspot. The technical name for this procedure is micropigmentation and it is a solution that was created to help men who are struggling with the look of their alopecia.

We all know how embarrassing hairloss is, especially hairloss on our edges or hair frontal. Now instead of masking these baldspots with sprays and hair fibers, there’s now the option of “inking” them away.

When it comes to micropigmentation, there are two options:  temporary or semi-permanent. Semi-permanent tattoos have been in existence for a while and are designed using clippers and other hair designing equipment and can last for some time depending on how well maintained they are. The procedure mimics the natural hair follicles and gives the illusion of a “buzz cut”.

If you’re worried about using a needle to tattoo your hair, then you’re in luck because these tattoos are done without needles. The temporary hair tattoos are the removable ones that can be attached to the hair at any time and removed when necessary. Temporary tattoos are applied by being placed on the part of the hair you need it to be, it is then laid with a wet cotton wool, then peeled off. These tattoo is then removed by washing with water

However if none of these options appeal to you and you need something permanent, you can go for an all round tattooing of the frontal region with tattoo needles. Just like how you would tattoo your body (or eyebrows) this is done by inking the region with a similar color as the hair.

So is Tattooing your edge something you’d try?

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