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All over social media, drinking tea as means of weightloss has become very popular. Here in Nigeria, Celebrities like Annie Idibia, Ini Edo and Rita Dominic have become spokesmodels for this new Weightloss craze. But what is Tea-Toxing, and is it safe?

Detoxification also known as detox for short is the removal of toxic substances, waste and chemicals from the body either by the use of dialysis or natural ingredients.

Detoxification of the human body is the sole responsibility of the liver as it helps us separate the good substances from the bad unused ones and excretes the unwanted chemicals out of the body. However, some people believe the liver is incapable of completely ridding the body of these harmful chemicals, so the body system should be cleansed or flushed (as some may call it) from time to time. The use of both orthodox and non-orthodox ingredients/chemicals as a means of detoxification have become very popular recently.

Detoxification is seen by some scientists as a waste of time and money since there is no strong evidence to support their claims. Before now the major agents of detoxification are liquids, tablets or capsules and some natural ingredients not until recently when the use of tea for detoxification was formulated.

Teatoxing ‘tea+detoxify’ is the new word for using teas to act as detoxifiers to help cleanse the system from all forms of impurities; it is true that drinking certain teas are said to help protect the cardiovascular organs such as the lungs, liver and heart and also manage stress but it is unclear if these teatoxes are a great means of weight loss or detoxification.

How does it work?

These “teatoxes” contain mainly ginseng, senna leaves, ginger among other ingredients and they have both morning and evening packs with the former formulated to energize the body and the night time packs to rid the system of harmful and toxic substances. The major ingredient which is senna leaves is said to be a laxative which has not been proven to promote weight loss yet.

People are always on the run to get easier ways of staying fit and healthy but what they should be concerned about is the effectiveness of these products and how safe it is for human consumption. There have been mixed reactions about the effectiveness of teatoxing as some claim to notice positive results within few weeks of use and some other persons argue that its effectiveness largely depends on some factors such as body types, eating habits and exercise routine.

The major things to look out for when buying teatoxers is to choose a brand which has been highly recommended by a lot of people to be very effective.


Note that teatoxes are not drugs and are not meant to treat any ailment or cure anything but they are just supplements which are said to help lose weight and maintain body metabolism. Some users also claim that these products fill the period between meals rather than replacing the meals totally (though not proven yet) so they should be used with caution; read instructions and obey them before use, also watch out for allergic properties before purchase. However usage of teatoxes for long periods of time is not advisable because according to dieticians they insist it is detrimental to your health if used for a long period of time due to its toxic nature when taken in high doses.




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