NOVEMBER Giveaway- How to Win

Hi Beauty Lovers,

It is finally November! which means our giveaway competition has begun!

Here’s how to play to win.

  • We are looking for two winners. One from Facebook, the other from Instagram.
  • Upload a picture of your Hair or Beauty inspirational look with the hashtag #myHairmyBeautyNigeria
  • On facebook
    • If your picture gets uploaded on our facebook page, invite your friends to like


  • On Instagram
    • Once your picture gets reposted, invite your friends to Like, the more Likes you get the better your chances of winning.


  • you can send as many pictures as you like, the more pictures and likes you get the better your chances of winning.
  • Picture must be of great quality, showcasing an inspirational Hair do OR hair accessory, or trendy makeup look (like ombre lips, contour, highlights, etc) Only good pictures will be reposted!!


  • Remember only 1 winner from each social media outlet

Competition starts TODAY and ends Friday November 20th.


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