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If you’re reading this, you’re in on a BIG secret

This year, I’m all about the giveaways, but instead of doing the normal social media giveaway, I’ve decided to do something different. I call it “Beauty Bingo” :)

I will be giving away awesome beauty Goodies to  Loyal followers of our social media pages.

Here’s how you win a Beauty Goody Bag.

  1. I will randomly post numbers on our facebook page, Twitter and Instagram
  2. The first person to send an email to: INFO(at) wins the goody bag

Did you understand that?

Let me break it down-  if today I put up a facebook status that says: 45, write down that number, if you check our twitter and you see a tweet that says: 37, write down that number. And finally if you see an instagram post with a random number like 27, write it down.

Once you have 3 complete numbers from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, send us an email with subject “Giveaway” and the numbers: 45, 37, 27. First person to send this email automatically WINS!


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