My Visit to the Hair Clinic

One of my New year’s resolution this year is to take very good care of my hair. This year I decided, No MORE WEAVES or BRAIDS. Since having my baby I’ve been experiencing a lot of postpartum alopecia (hairloss resulting from post partum hormonal changes) .

My sister-in-law recommended I pay her Hair therapist Tobi at Natures Gentle Touch Hair clinic a visit. She said he’s so knowledgeable and passionate about hair care, and I’ve noticed that her hair has grown tremendously since visiting the Hair Clinic, so I scheduled my appointment.

The Visit

As a first time client, you have to get a hair analysis and consultation. The analysis is done with a cool device that examines your hair follicle and displays it on a computer screen. While examining my hair follicle, my hair therapist Tobi, realized that I was experiencing a lot of breakage, he could tell I was not washing or conditioning my hair as much as I should.

My Hair follicle magnified on the computer screen. As you can see my hair is very dirty.
My Hair follicle magnified on the computer screen. As you can see my hair is very dirty.

He asked me questions about my lifestyle like if I exercised? drank a lot of water? ate fruits and vegetable, etc. Afterwards he recommended a Eucalyptus treatment that entailed using the eucalyptus range of Natures Gentle Touch products, the treatment is designed to treat Hair breakage. After the hair consultation and analysis, came the treatment.

First, Shampoo.

photo 1(14)

Believe it or not, I hate getting my hair shampooed at the hair salon because most stylist use their nails as opposed to their fingers, so I was nervous. But this shampoo experience was awesome! My hair therapist not only shampooed my hair but thoroughly massaged it to help increase blood circulation to my scalp.

My hair was thoroughly cleansed (emphasis on the “thoroughly”).  The first shampoo was with the normal Natures Gentle Touch Shampoo, which was used to cleanse dirt and product from my scalp and hair. My second and third shampoo was with the Natures Gentle Touch Eucalptus Shampoo, this shampoo felt great! It had a nice cool tingling feel to it. Tobi took his time shampooing the Hair with the Eucalptus shampoo, because according to him it was important to massage the products properly so it penetrated the scalp.

I never knew shampooing could be so therapeutic :)
I never knew shampooing could be so therapeutic :)


After my shampoo was done, I was given a Hair masque treatment with the Natures Gentle Touch Eucalyptus Reconstruction Masque. Once the product was applied, my hair was covered with a shower cap and towel and let to work its magic for 30 minutes.

I didn’t have to sit under the dryer for this treatment which was great (no ear burns).

Once my 30 minutes was over, Tobi rinsed my hair with Cold water, according to him, rinsing the hair with cold water locks in the hair nutrients. Once this process was done, I was taken to the blow dry station.

Since going natural, I have never had my hair blow dried, the thought of heat and someone tugging at my hair just sounds painful. I think the therapist could sense my apprehension because he sectioned off the hair in small batches, used “cool” heat,  and was sure to not aggressively pull the hair as he was drying it.

I was so surprised at how much my hair had Grown! I paid so much attention to the shrinkage that I didn’t realized I’d gained some length since going natural for 2 years.

photo 4(8)
Don’t let the afro fool you :)

Once the hair was dry, a braider was sent to “Di-di” my hair, for those of you that don’t know, “Di-di” is an inverted cornrow that allows you to wear wigs without having bumps. After my hair was “Di-di”ed I was done!

The entire process took 3 hours and cost N14, 300, the price is hefty because you buy the entire products you’d need for your treatment and subsequent visits. Afterwards, followup treatments cost much less. I was told to continue caring for my hair by applying the Natures Gentle Touch Castor creme on my thinning edges every day.

Overall my experience at Natures Gentle Touch Hair Clinic was amazing! The staff is super courteous and professional, and most importantly KNOWLEDGEABLE about hair.

The Eucalyptus Range
The Eucalyptus Range

Here are some important Hair lessons I learned from the 3 hair therapists that handled my hair:

  1. Exercising is very important because it increases Oxygen, which promotes blood circulation to the dermal pillar, allowing hair to grow
  2. Diet is very important when dealing with Hair breakage, be sure to drink more water, and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetable
  3. Reduce the use and wear of Hair extensions, they damage hair cuticle
  4. Listen to your hair, if it’s itchy and irritated, it is important to let your scalp breath!
  5. And finally, learn to wear your real Hair, it will make you look younger! :)


I will keep you updated on the progress of my Hair, wish me Luck! Next stop? MyExtensionzNG to get my Wig Done!


**Natures Gentle Touch Hair Clinic and Institute is located at Plot 305 Jide Oki off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Island. Lagos, Nigeria

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