WHAT? The Maggi Butt injection??

I think We’ve heard it all

Somewhere in Africa, women are injecting themselves with Maggi to enlarge their backside. How this increases the side of their derriere? We do not know

But checkout this crazy clip from facebook.


**Please DO NOT attempt this at home**


Apparently this crazy procedure has been happening as far back as 2009 in Congo.

According to an article on Afrik-News

Indeed, some insert this seasoning condiment into their anal canal with the intention of developing the type of generous “butts” that Congolese men are so crazy about. The maggi condiments, which come in both solid and liquid forms, instead of being used for cooking purposes, are being used as suppositories or enemas, respectively. Kerwin Mayizo, a presenter on Radio France International and France Inter was quoted as saying: “these women think that since Maggi Cube contains lots of nutritional elements and that directly placing them where it matters would help them gain weight on their behinds”.


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