MAC Makeup Products Their Artists Swear By’s beauty column recently created a list of MAC products that Top MAC makeup artists are obsessed with, and here’s what they wrote:

These are just a few MAC cult favourites that turned a small line founded by a makeup artist into an international success. While the Canadian brand was intended for professionals when it launched, with counters and stores across the globe, many of the pro products have made their way into our makeup bags. But which products do the artists who work for MAC swear by? You might think it’s an essential, like concealer or lipstick, but after interviewing eight MAC makeup artists, we found that wasn’t the case. In our quest to find the tried-and-true must-haves of the in-house team, we went straight to the source — because when makeup artists tell you they can’t keep a certain product in their kit, you listen up. Read on to discover the best MAC products, according to the brand’s top artists, and their game-changing application tips.


MAC Pick: Prep + Prime Skin

“It is the best colorless, mattifying primer that helps blur lines while keeping makeup fresh for hours. It works well in extreme conditions and on all skin types.” – Romero Jennings, director of makeup artistry Pro tip: “I usually use it on the T-zone of the face with the #109 brush after moisturizer, but you can also lightly tap it onto oily or textured areas for instant smoothing.”



MAC Pick: All That Glitters Eyeshadow

“It’s a beautiful peachy-gold frost shade that truly flatters all skin tones. I love [using it] on the eyelids to add a warm glow, on the upper cheek as a highlighter for darker skin tones, or as a brow highlighter.” – Gregory Arlt, director of makeup artistry Pro tip: “Sweep it onto the eyelids with a #252 brush. On darker skin tones, try using a #224 brush to lightly brush on the upper cheekbones for a beautiful golden highlight. If you’re feeling truly creative, try using MAC Pro Eyeliner Mixing Medium to make it into a liquid liner. Add the smallest drop of the mixing medium to a #263 brush and dip into the shadow. Apply across the lash line for an indelible gold liner.”


MAC Pick: Studio Face and Body Foundation

“Where do I begin? This cushiony, clean-feeling foundation offers a spectrum of easy-to-blend shades. It can offer the sheerest finish and can be applied in layers for more coverage. It’s a backstage staple on the legs and faces of models and equally popular in men’s grooming. Makeup artists love it because you can carry a few select shades and cover a wide range of skin tones. This foundation also wears well on the heat of red carpets and is water-resistant. When used without powder, it’s luminous and dewy but takes powder beautifully if a matte finish is your preference.” – John Stapleton , senior artist Pro tip: “The application techniques for this product are just as versatile as this product itself. Applying with fingers or hands warms up the formula, and the heat thickens the product. It becomes more gel-like, and layering it like this adds more coverage. This is how we often apply to model’s legs backstage. Using a duo fibre brush gives a more sheer application. Adding a drop of it to your favorite moisturizer creates an instant tinted moisturizer. Mixing it with a heavier concealer will bulk up the coverage. Add an iridescent pigment to a drop, and your skin will be Instagram-ready. I’ve yet to see this formula clash with another product. We’ve had a love affair for 20 years.”


MAC Pick: Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone

“It’s the best anti-shine product ever. I use it in my T-zone before makeup and as needed for a touchup.” – Fatima Thomas, senior artist Pro tip: “Press it into the skin using a makeup sponge for the perfect finish.”


MAC Pick: Mineralize Loose Powder Foundation

“This ‘do-it-all’ product can be worn as a foundation by itself, or you can contour and highlight the face using different shades. It gives skin an airbrushed finish and blurs out imperfections without looking heavy. It creates a silky-smooth texture that looks natural on any skin type and doesn’t feel heavy. If you need more coverage, this is a great buildable powder foundation but also works well as a touchup powder. You can also use it for a natural-looking sun-kissed look.” –Louise Zizzo, senior artist Pro tip: “I like to use this after prepping the skin with a light moisturizer and a concealer under the eyes. Using a #109 Brush, apply in a circular motion all over the face to create a polished finish. For a sun-kissed look, choose a shade or two deeper than your skin tone and blend across the cheeks, forehead, bridge of the nose with a large soft brush, like the #137 Brush.”


MAC Pick: Fast Response Eye Cream

“This product depuffs, smoothes, and soothes! With my crazy schedule, travel, and late-night bursts of creative crafting sessions, this product helps keep my puffy eyes in check, It has caffeine powder and yeast cell extract, which make the best defense against morning eye angst. It all helps to smooth out any texture around the eyes (and lips) to prime my skin for makeup, too” – Keri Blair, senior artist Pro tip: “I use this product to clean up eye shadow fallout, for eyeliner correction, mascara blobs, and shadow reshaping! A little on a Q-Tip, sponge, or brush makes the best makeup eraser. I love it so much more than using eye makeup remover, since this cream won’t disturb the texture of the skin and is so gentle around the sensitive eye area.”


MAC Pick: Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

“It is my hero product. When I’m applying makeup, it’s great for touchups every step of the way. Whether I am doing a dark lip, bright lip, or nude lip, I can apply it and pretty much forget about it. It stays put for hours!” – Caroline Hernandez, senior artist Pro tip: “I like to use it for a ‘lazy’ beauty routine, since it can pretty much double as a lip color.”


MAC Pick: Mineralize Timecheck Lotion

“It’s like a clear foundation, so skin looks awesome before I even apply foundation! It moisturizes, mattifies, and blurs texture, so it’s quite the multitasker.” – Ashley Rudder, Senior Artist Pro tip: “Apply a dime-sized amount over your entire face before foundation, and your skin will look absolutely incredible. Also, if you want a more sheer foundation, mix a pump of the Mineralize Timecheck Lotion with it and then apply it. It also works well on top of makeup as a colorless touchup.”



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