Loc Appreciation Day 2016

This natural hair event celebrating Dreadlocs or ‘locs as they are commonly known, was organised by Locitude and featured a panel discussion where panellists who are also ‘loc rockers talked about their journey, shared tips on dreadloc maintenance and discussed challenges faced while rocking this popular natural hairstyle.


Remember when E! Fashion police was attacked after its popular presenter Guiliana Rancic made that negative comment about Zendaya smelling like Patchouli because she was wearing faux dreads? It seems like that negative perception is also here.

Ade, a ‘loc enthusiast shared that People often stopped to ask him where they could buy weed, this is among some of the negative stereotypes dreadloc wearers are known to face.

In times past, people associated ‘loc rockers with crime and vices but today the story is different because more people from all works of life both young and old, are not only going natural, but deciding to dread their hair.

The Event also featured free styling sessions by trichologists and lots of freebies plus a glass of wine (who doesn’t love that?).

It was no doubt a fun event!


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