The most important garment you’ll need on your Wedding day

and NO it’s not your lingerie..

Imagine this, it is your BIG day, you are wearing your expensive wedding dress, makeup is done, hair is done and you are ready to go…and then you feel a strong urge..oh No you have to go to the restroom. What to do?

Going to pee on your big day is almost nearly impossible because most wedding dresses have series of layers and folding that are  difficult to get out of  and this takes the efforts of more than one of your bridesmaids to achieve.

Between holding the gown, squatting, and making sure nothing enters the toilet bowl, answering the call of nature on your BIG day is a challenging task, so what’s a Bride to do?

Well bridal fashion enthusiast Heather Stenlake has a solution. Her  bridal accessory “bridal buddy” helps put brides  at ease and save them all the embarrassments that might likely happen due to using the toilet. With the invention of the “bridal buddy”, using the toilet is much easier and stress free for both the bride and her brides maids.

The inventor of Bridal buddy Heather Stenlake worked in a bridal shop for several years before establishing her own Bridal line. She had questions from many brides like “how am I supposed to go to the bathroom in this?” and time after time, Heather just didn’t know how to answer them, which prompted her to start  thinking of ways and what to do to make this problem a thing of the past.  The idea was actually conceived in 2002 but was kept aside only to be revived again and bridal buddy was launched in 2016. Since it’s launch, it has sold about 500 pieces and it is getting mentions in reputable wedding magazines and journals all over the world.

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Bridal buddy is an invention in form of a netty undergarment that is worn under the wedding dress and if need be, could be rolled up to ‘cup’ the dress into a bag making toilet use easier.

Bridal buddy is a convenient accessory with armholes and elastic cords that makes it possible for the brides to use their hands freely while at it. Using the toilet is something and getting a roll of tissue or wiping is another work entirely, but with its opening for the arms and the cords, the bride can pick up whatever she wants even without calling on anybody for assistance.

Bridal buddy does not require you to break your bank or eat deep into your pockets as one of these pink bagged accessory is quite moderate and costs $59.95 per pack.

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Bridal buddy is made of light and weightless material, making it not obvious in anyway but more like part of the bridal accessory. If you are worried about getting your dress puffed up, don’t fret, bridal buddy cannot be seen or noticed by people around and it is light weight as well. It comes in a one-size-fits all, including two lengths- petite (5’5 and under) or average (5’5 and above).

This bridal invention is a BIG  must have for your big day if you want things to go on smoothly and to avoid bathroom embarrassments on your special day.



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