I have been natural for almost 3 years, best decision ever!

PhotoCredit: Whitney Madueke @whitneymadueke

Whitney Madueke is a model, Fashion Blogger at Desourire and Youtube vlogger at LeazzWay. She is gorgeous and her photoshoots always go viral, mHmB interviewed this fashionable naturalista to find out what inspired her Vlog as well as how she maintains her mane.


What inspired your interest in Blogging?

My interest in fashion and natural hair really motivated me to do the things I enjoy and to share it with others. It started with Youtube, I always wanted to have a Youtube channel but did not know what to do on it. I became natural in March 2013 and found that to be a good reason to start my Youtube channel; sharing my hair journey. My experience with the Youtube channel, later pushed me to start up my fashion blog – Desourire, two years later.


 What are some of your favourite blogs and why?

I love Karla Deras’s blog – karlascloset.com, because her style is not about trends but rather what she loves to wear and I love that. She is someone confident in herself and not concerned with what everyone else is doing.​

What inspired the central theme of your blog(s)?

Desourire ​is my fashion blog. It focuses on my modelling; my personal style and also African fashion. It displays Africa’s fashion to the world, how great and talented we are. There is alot of talent in Africa and I have always wanted to provide a platform for that! No matter how big or small you are, your work deserves attention.

LeazzWay is my outlet on all things natural hair. I was inspired to share it with the world and it has been amazing being a source of inspiration for my fellow naturalistas. Natural hair isn’t an easy journey and it takes alot of research and experiments to find out what works for you. It’s great learning and sharing everything about my hair journey with the next person, who in turn feels beautiful and confident in themselves.

What inspired you to go natural?

I got bored of my relaxed hair and at that point, I was so Tumblr obsessed. On Tumblr, the inspiration was so overwhelming. Women in amazing natural hair styles in different forms just filled this space to want me to do more with my hair. From there, I started researching on natural hair and after my second attempt, I have been natural for almost 3 years.​ Best decision ever!

What are some of your Favourite Hair and Beauty products?

I love my oils- olive, almond, tea tree and jojoba oil. Plus my fav – Indian hemp, it has really been a staple since my relaxed hair days and continues to be.

I love anything that keeps my hair feeling soft, moisturized and helps my hair grow alot!

What are some of your other interests outside of Blogging?

I love fashion design – it is definitely one of my life goals! I cannot wait to get into it. Most of my interests revolve around fashion – modelling, sewing, shopping, haha. ​

Favourite beauty destination in the world?

Urgh, mine would be PARIS! What’s not to love about Paris?​

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