How to Achieve that Gorgeous Curl

There is a Curl Revolution taking place on Social Media.

If you are like me, and often wonder why your Twists out are not looking like the ones you see on Instagram then you’ve come to the right place. Great twists are all about products and technique.

I went scrolling through some of my favorite natural hair bloggers page and came up with these list of great twist-out how to’s, including products used to achieve these looks.

In order for my twist outs to come out looking good, you need:
1. clean, conditioned and detangled hair
2. Hair clips or Hair pins
3. A wide-toothed comb
4. quality moisturizer/ creamy leave-in conditioner (or creamy leave-in conditioner)
5. Oil or butter
6. Eco-styler or Curl definer, depending on style
and finally a Great Technique!

Remember when performing a twist out, hair must be damp. Here are some of my favorite Techniques, courtesy of the naturalista’s IG page.






photocredit: @officialcorporatechic
photocredit: @officialcorporatechic


photocredit: @lovetriceyy IG
photocredit: @lovetriceyy IG


photo 1
photocredit: @protectivestyles IG


photo 3



Other Alternatives to Twists-Outs:

Straw sets by @nappyhairnation IG
Straw sets by @nappyhairnation IG


Bendy Roller curls by @naturallychea
Bendy Roller curls by @naturallychea

This style can be achieved with textured hair weaves.


Rollers by @trelynn777 IG
Rollers by @trelynn777 IG


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  1. Ohhhh. I love this. I have long natural hair but I didn’t know how to style it, now I can try these technics. Please how and where can I get the products? I live in Bayelsa state

  2. Please after weaving or rolling my hair with those long rollers, how long do I have to keep it before loosing it to get good curls?

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