How this EbonyLife TV presenter takes care of her Hair

Hello Hair Lovers!

I got this fabulous Deep Conditioning Recipe for 4c textured natural hair from the gorgeous television presenter, Cynthia Kamalu.

Here’s a recipe she shared on her Instagram page:

PhotoCredit: @CynthiaKamalu IG
PhotoCredit: @CynthiaKamalu IG

I DIY conditioned using Avocados, Pure honey, Olive oil, bananas and Aloe Juice which I blended nicely with my blend active mixer.

Carefully sectioning into 4parts I applied the mix from scalp to tip, twisting each section before and after application.  After which I covered Nappy (hair) with a shower cap and silk scarf to condition and went about my duties.

NOTE: She left this mix overnight, but we at myHairmyBeautyNigeria, would suggest leaving on for 20-30 minutes THEN rinsing off!

To Learn more about the result of her conditioning process be sure to checkout her Instagram Page: @CynthiaKamalu

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I read somewhere that leaving such deep conditioner in your hair for extended hours isn’t necessary a wise idea. Protein overload actually snags the hair, so you’ll need to follow up with a strengthening conditioner- I think that’s the conditioner.

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