How cool is this?

It is true makeup is known as face painting, but have you ever considered creating art using just Blush and Eyeshadow?

Well that’s what Makeup Artist Maxine Ayre did using her favourite foundation Ilamasqua Rich Foundation.

As the story goes ” Maxine Ayre was just doodling in front of her TV while watching modeling competition show “The Face” one night when she started sketching out the show’s star, supermodel Naomi Campbell. Soon, she had captured the 43-year-old beauty’s facial contours, skin tone, and even eyebrow arches perfectly. And, within hours, she had created a flawless portrait of the star. She made the entire portrait out of makeup”

Photo: Maxine Ayre courtesy of Yahoo Shine

She first created a canvas of the model’s face, then layered on bronzer, loose powder, and colored eye shadow to create skin tone and bone structure, and then filled in the details with a prism of colored shadows and shimmer. “I mostly use powders because glosses and creamy things tend to smudge easily,” Ayre explains

PhotoCredit: Maxine Ayre courtesy of Yahoo Shine
PhotoCredit: Maxine Ayre courtesy of Yahoo Shine


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DIY: Instead of Throwing away your OLD MAKEUP, you can turn it into Art!

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