HOT new BEAUTY apps of the future

PhotoCredit: Melange App

Popular apps like Perfect365 and InstaBeauty seem obsolete compared to some of these newest beauty apps in the tech market. So there’s an app that can help you pick out the right foundation, another that tells you if you’re attractive or not and one that allows you to try the effects of makeup on real time.

How cool is that?

Here are some of the hottest Beauty apps on the app store

  • Modiface Live -this 3D video effect app allows users to try the effects of  makeup, contact lenses, skin enhancement, emoji and teeth whitening, all on real time and share the result on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger. Another cool feature of this app? it helps determine your accurate skintone, so you can imagine how a skincare product will work on you.
PhotoCredit: GCI
PhotoCredit: GCI



  • Melange – Guesstimating your foundation might be a thing of the past with the help of this new app. According to its description on the App Store; Melange makes custom foundation that perfectly matches your skin color. Just take a selfie, and we’ll analyze your skin tone and mix you your perfect match!
PhotoCredit: Melange App
PhotoCredit: Melange App


  • Ever wonder if you’re really attractive or not? well there’s an app to help you answer that question. It is called Beauty.Al. According to its creators, with the right semantic learning, computers can learn to accurately identify wrinkles, facial symmetry, skin color, gender, age and ethnicity,  to judge attracti­veness. So how it works is, you photography yourself and submit, and a”robot jury” calculates the attracti­veness of your submission and decides whether you are the King or Queen of your age group. How crazy is that?

So Which of these apps will you be downloading?

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