Hair Restoration

Hair-Loss is no joke. If you’ve lost your hair because of a tight weave, bad perm or tight braids. STOP!

Don’t stress it Further and try to “cover” it up with more weaves, you are only exacerbating the situation!

Traction Alopecia is the medical term for Hair-Loss due to stress caused by excessive pulling and pressure on the hair. If you are expressing mild hair-loss ( eg: Kerry Washington) or severe hair-loss (eg: Naomi Campbell), it is important to take time off tugging on your hair to Re-Grow it.

Which of the following applies to you?

If your hair is slightly thinning at a particular area on your hair, like Kerry Washington, it is most likely due to excessive pulling at that particular area. In Kerry’s case, her penchant for middle part styling has left visible bald spot.

What to do

-Switch up the style, revert to side swept bangs or a weave style that covers all of your hair, while you try to stimulate the scalp to promote hair growth.

-Up your intake of BIOTIN, the B-vitamin responsible for hair growth optimization.  Ideal dosage   is 1000-2500 mcg dose.



Alexandra  Burke- Thinning/Pushed Back Hairline


Your Hair-line is stressed, and seems to keep moving back

What to do

– Let your hair breathe, avoid weaving/braiding for 6 months.

– While liberating your hair, massage your scalp with hair serums that promote hair growth such as; Profectiv Growth Hair Restoration Growth Renewal system or Dr. Miracles range of hair growth oil and balms (if you’re in Lagos this can be purchased at the DOWNTOWN Salon on Etim Inyang Crescent, Victoria Island), or Peppermint Oil (research shows that peppermint oil stimulates blood circulation to the Hair follicles).

– Do remember to take BIOTIN.






Naomi Campbell- Bald patches     

At this level of Hair-Loss, you have a large bald spot.

What to do

Visit a Dermatologist. Chances are that your follicles are irreversibly damaged and you might need medical attention.

**Have you experienced hair-loss because of Braids/Weaves? Do you have a product that works and will like to share? email us***

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  1. I had huge bald spot like Naomi Campbell after my first baby. onion juice was the life saver for me. What I did was to grate one small onion and extract the liquid which I applied to my hairline, massage and cover with a plastic cap overnight and rinse off in the morning. In just one month, there was no more bald spots

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