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Just in case you DON’T know this, 90% of all s kin damage is caused by exposure to the SUN, yes 90% and for black skin that means discoloration and pigmentation. If you are like me and are notice how it seems to be getting hotter and hotter these days, then you’ll know that its time to SWITCH your Day cream to one with SPF!

Below are a list of products, TRIED and TESTED in effectively  combating Sun damage. Here are myHairmyBeauty’s TOP 5 Sunscreens and where to buy them!

1. Smart Shield Serious Sun Protection (SPF 30)


-Created for people with an active outdoors lifestyle, this sunscreen is Oil-Free, and has a “dry” formula meaning that it will be easily absorbed and will not just sit on top of the skin.  This product can be purchased on

PRICE: N2, 800


2. Cookie Skin Brightening Body Lotion (SPF 20)

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This 2 in product acts as both a brightening moisturizer and Sunscreen, if you frequently forget to apply sunscreen when leaving your house, then its best to buy a product like this. CookieSkin can be purchased at Chyzob Pharmacy, Medplus and L’Espace.



3. Avon Sun plus (SPF 30)


Lightweight lotion has broad-spectrum protection against the sun’s rays. Absorbed quickly, leaving skin feeling moisturized. This Product can be purchased on KONGA.COM

PRICE: N2, 366



4. Sleek Daytime Protection (SPF 30)

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If you are a fan of Sleek Skincare, then you’ll love their new Sunscreen! Product can be purchased at any Sleek Studio or on

PRICE: N1, 795



5. Avon Brightening Cream (SPF 20)



Infused with brightening properties, this lightweight day cream also has an SPF of 20 to help prevent discoloration. Product can be purchased on

PRICE: N2, 002

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