Faux Locs on the Runway…a Fashion Faux pas?

First it was the Kardashian/Jenners, now it’s Yahoo.com attributing a popular “urban” hairstyle to caucasians, this time it is a Transgender; Lana Wachowski.


Here’s an excerpt of the article:

The Marc Jacobs show has become the most anticipated finale of New York Fashion Week, in large part due to the controversial hairstyles models wear down the designer’s runway. Remember the mini buns mohawk from 2015 that bothered many black women and men who believed they should be recognized as Bantu knots? Or the glittery finger waves at his Fall 2016 spectacular? Well, Mr. Jacobs dared to go there again for his Spring 2017 show with wool faux dreadlocks.

Lead hairstylist and Redken global creative director Guido Palau was tasked with the nerve-racking responsibility of finding the pastel-colored hair to create the towering ‘dos inspired by Lana Wachowski, the trans director behind films such as The Matrix who appeared in Fall 2016 ad campaign. So he went straight to the Internet and discovered Dreadlocks by Jena.

First of all when did faux locs become a “controversial” hairstyle? and secondly did Lana Wachowski create the look? A look synonymous with 70’s funk creator; George Clinton.

George Clinton: The Funk Master
George Clinton: The Funk Master


Faux locs with yarn, wool and other materials not hair, have been a part of black hairstyle for years and recently made a huge comeback in the last 2 years.

Here are pictures of Black Women looking gorgeous while rocking this “controversial” hairstyle:

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