Can you BANTU?

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By Nneoma N.

This 90’s hairstyle is making a major comeback, with celebrities like Rihanna , Yemi Alade and most recently Di’ja rocking this funky hairdo. It is an awesome way to style your hair without using heat or much manipulation, and the best part of this look is that when Hair is undone, you have the BEST curls! So think about it as Two hairstyles in one.

PhotoCredit: Ghoste Magazine IG


PhotoCredit: ChikaOkeke IG
PhotoCredit: ChikaOkeke IG


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Photocredit: thesvnflwr IG

  How to get this look

What you’ll need
Detangling comb
Rattail comb
Hair spray or oil


1. Shampoo and condition, because a large portion of your scalp will be visible and you want people to see a very clean scalp, it is important to start out by  washing and conditioning your hair to get rid of dirt and flakes.

2. Dry your hair: Bantu knots is best done on dry hair. But you’ll be sure to moisturize the hair

3.  Detangle: you want your hair to be as  smooth and manageable as possible when creating the knot. Tangled rough hair will not achieve the look you desire.

4. Section your hair: the exact width will vary depending on how short or long your hair is. Women with long hair can opt for larger sections while short hair should go for smaller sections. Keep in mind that the smaller the section, the curlier the hair will be.

5. Apply a curl cream: use  product to work a light hold rather than gel or mousse. Shea butter is a good product to use.  If the product creates too much hold the hair will not fall into a natural style. Opt for butter and pomades

6. Twist each section of the hair about 2 or 3 times in between your fingertips, as though screwing in a screw or turning a door knob, then wrap it on itself and continue till the hair is twisted and wrapped into a knot.

If the coils are tight enough you can  tuck the ends under to hold it in place,  if not, you can simply use pins or elastic bands to secure the bun.


TIP: do not over twist your hair this can stress your edges and cause breakages


When you get tired of sporting this look, you can create a second, curly hairstyle known as BANTU KNOT OUT. All you  need to do is to uncurl  gently, put a little oil on your fingers and finger comb
Hope I mentioned that knots are suitable for all kinds of hair, relaxed or natural. So need I say,  knot away!


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