Braiding tips you should know


Thinking of getting braids installed? Here are some easy tips to ensure you get the best out of it.

1. Start with a dry, clean hair. When Hair is wet, braids tend to look  uneven, bumpy and this greatly  increases the chances of damaging your hair.

2. Detangle hair before braiding, braiding tangled hair will cause breakage and will increase discomfort while braiding. If your hair is due for a relaxer, straighten the root only with a straightener set to low heat.

3. If you’re washing your hair for a few hours or minutes before getting braids done, use a serum to make your hair silky smooth. Avoid using heavy oils on your natural hair, as this weighs down your hair prior to braiding.

4. Avoid getting tight braids. Braids that are too tight will break and damage your hair. If your stylist makes your braids too tight speak up and let him/her know.

5. Gently tug on the hair consistently as you braid, in this way the braid will not twist out of the root. However avoid putting too much pressure on the braids to reduce damage and Hairloss.

6. After braiding, immerse the braids in very hot water to make it lighter and shiny.


7. Use a very good hair cream to rub down the braids as this will give the braids and twists a gorgeous sheen. Nobody wants dull looking braids.

8. A daily moisturizer or oil should be sprayed onto the scalp and the length of the braids to keep the hair lubricated because synthetic hair can dehydrate the natural hair, causing it to become dry and brittle. The most important part of the hair to moisturize are the edges as this bears the brunt/ weight of the braids.

9. Avoid using alcohol based edge pomade to set your edges because this can dry out the edges, causing it to break.

10. Constantly styling your hair in high ponytails or buns pulls at your hairline, causing breakage on the hairline. Instead try limiting up-do styles to 3-4 times a week rather than everyday.
11. Don’t forget to wash your braids and scalp every few weeks.


You can do this by dampening a wash cloth in water and using any shampoo of your choice, part your hair and wipe down your scalp in sections.
12. When your braids are getting old, instead of re-doing everything or loosening it, you can always go back to the hair stylist with left over attachments to reinstall the braids along your hairline.
13. Cover your hair with a satin headscarf at night to keep your edges looking fresh and prevent your root from drying out.


14. Do not carry your braids for more than 2 months. Further duration will cause temporary baldness or alopecia

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