Beauty Report: MET Gala

The just concluded Metropolitan Museum of Art’s annual Met Gala was all about “the man-versus-machine” theme. Celebrities showcased this theme with metallics, bold eyeshadow and futuristic looks. Checkout our reviews



Blunt Cut and smokey eyes, love Zendaya’s interpretation of the MET gala theme. Very futuristic


Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is that you? I LOVE everything about this look. Blunt bob, brown smokey eyes, nude lips: BEAUTIFUL!


Taylor Swift

Platinum Blonde Hair and Dark lips is perfect for a Futuristic Look! Taylor swift slayed this look


Kerry Washington

I love Kerry Washington but this is a NO for me. Cheap wig plus bad makeup, nothing about this fits the theme and I am very confused about what she’s going for. It looks like a Halloween costume.



Lily Aldridge

If I was going to the MET gala, this is what I’d come looking like. Gold metallic eyebrows and slick back hair. PERFECT interpretation of the theme


Katy Perry

I don’t get this look. Is it goth? is it futuristic? what is it? Maybe Goth futuristic? Anyways good try Katy Perry



Oh Beyoncé, how I love thee but NOT this look. I get you were not trying to rock a pretty makeup look but nothing about your smudgy eyeshadow looks futuristic or Man vs machine-ish. I just don’t get this. I think you have the perfect team to create something that falls in line with the theme

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