Who would you like to look like? I once joked to a friend of mine that I would like to look like a BRATZ doll, but while you and I joke about what and who we would like to look like, some people take it SERIOUSLY.

I came across this post on Yahoo News and could not believe it, getting cosmetic surgery to look like Barbie?? and apparently there are a group of beauty lovers obsessed with looking like dolls, so much so that there is a beauty look known as “Living Doll beauty”.

In the quest for your definition of beauty, would you go this far??_____________________________________________________________________________________________

(L) Real Life Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova and Plastic Barbie

Looking at the photograph of Valeria Lukyanova, left, you might wonder if this Ukrainian internet star really exists outside of the strange land of YouTube, where “living doll” beauty has become a trend. The picture, however, is from the new issue of V magazine, which flew Lukyanova, known as “the human Barbie,” to New York for the shoot, proving her existence and giving us a glimpse into her bizarre brain. At Shine we’ve profiled many doll-like ladies, from 19-year-old Anime queen Anastasiya Shpagina, to 15-year-old London YouTube sensation Venus Palermo, to England-native Sarah Burge, who currently holds the world record for spending over $500,000 on cosmetic surgery. Even so, Lukyanova’s story stands out.


Checkout these living doll videos (Crazy!!)

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