Beauty News: NO THANK YOU!!

That is what Senegalese women are saying!

After a new beauty company launched a product “Khess Petch” that promised to lighten one’s skin by a dramatic 5 shades in 15 DAYS!!

“We are used to seeing adverts for skin-lightening, but when we first saw these adverts for Khess Petch we were really scandalised. We decided to act,” said Aisha Deme, manager of an online events website in the Senegalese capital, Dakar.

“Society is constantly telling us that fair-skinned women are beautiful – in the media, on TV – and Senegalese women have started to believe it,” Deme added. “So we want to show that dark-skinned women are really beautiful, and that natural black skin should be celebrated.” READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE on –>

Does this mean the end of bleaching creams in Africa?? :)

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