Beauty MUST-HAVES Blogger Edition

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If you are a Beauty Newbie and want to know anything about Makeup and Beauty products, ASK a BEAUTY BLOGGER!

I asked some of my favorite Nigerian Beauty Bloggers about their Beauty Must-haves via Twitter, and they all agreed on 1 vital product; LIPGLOSS!!


For Funmi Ogunja of her 3 beauty must-haves are: Tinted Moisturizer, Lipgloss and Eyelashes

BlogThis2Makeup artist and beauty blogger, Precious of, says her 3 beauty must haves are: Lipgloss, Sunscreen, and Eyeliner!


BlogTHis3Model and Beauty Blogger, Ezinne Alfa of, says her 3 must have beauty products are: Eyeliner, Tinted Moisturizer and Lip gloss!


As for your editors on, our 3 Beauty Must-haves are:

Eyeliner, Lip Balm, and BB cream!

So tell us what are you 3 Beauty Must haves?

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