Bad Beauty Advice you should NEVER practice

By: Nneoma N.

From bizarre to downright gross, we’re talking about some of the worst beauty advice we’ve heard and why it’s such a terrible idea.


1. Popping pimples:
If you’re still adhere to this advice,well,I have no words for you. Okay, I do have 6.
Sure it requires super human strength to resist nipping that pimple that just appears at the worst possible time, but try to keep in mind the terrible aftermath when next your fingers are itching. Not only does popping your pimple increase your chances of scarring, it is also likely that you’ll worsen the situation and spread bacteria to other places on your face. The only way to combat pimples, is to let it run through its life span. Left alone, the pimples will disappear between 3-7 days or better still, pop (pun intended) into a dermatologist or well-trained estheticians office and have your pimples expertly taken care off.   

2. To prevent your makeup from sliding off,skip moisturizing: 
So many people have fallen prey to this piece of advice, more times than they care to remember. Though it might be challenging to moisturize when your oil wells are already acting up first thing in the morning,but much greater harm can be done when oils are skipped altogether from your facial regimen. Moisturizing your face can have the opposite effect and acctually slow down oil production, making you less shiny,normalizing the skin’s oil water balance and keeping it silky and supple.

3. Hanging upside down will make your hair longer aka inversion therapy :  
Hello, does anyone still do this? Its just like saying standing up will make you taller,okay? Or squinting orange peels on the root of your hair will cause your hair to grow longer (please who didn’t do this when they were younger?). If you’re looking for ways to make your hair longer, maybe its time to invest more time and energy on healthy hair practices, because hanging upside down won’t do the trick.

4. Rubbing urine on your face will clear your spots:   

Sure,why wouldn’t it be a great idea to rub your waste product on your face? Oh right, because its meant for the toilet not your face.  This definitely tops the list of worst beauty advice I’ve ever heard. Its just gross, the stench of the urine is enough to deter even the bravest of hearts. Rubbing urine on your face won’t clear your acne,or make your face smooth like that of a baby’s bottom,you’re only inviting to your face all kinds of diseases known to man.


5. For your eyebrows to always be on fleek, shave them!

Well maybe in the 90’s, when just a stroke was the “in” thing. Welcome to 2016, where ladies are embracing their thick brow set. With countless beauty tutorials offering step by step guide on how to trim your eyebrows and beauty palors twezzing eyebrows for a considerable fee, sparse eyebrows should be a thing of the past, really.





6. Get a shade of foundation lighter than your skin tone:
No,unless you don’t mind looking like the ghost of christmas past. So many have been deceived into getting a lighter foundation and even powder, all in the hopes of the foundation blending to your skin tone when it oxidizes. Sadly there’s no truth in this. For a seamless look, a foundation matching your skin tone is the best way to go!


What are some crazy Beauty tips and Advice you’ve heard?

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