Is Azealia Banks lightening up with Whitenicious?

This could be TRUE considering that she patronizes the brand and is very vocal about changing her skin color.



Azealia Banks has finally opened up on her skin lightening journey after months of keeping silence on the issue. On a recent Instagram post, the singer compares lightening her skin to wearing hair weaves. She states;

I don’t really think it’s important to discuss the cultural significance of skin-bleaching anymore because I think that, just as African-American people, just as black people in this world, you assimilate, and there are things you accept, not just out of necessity but things become norm because they just happen all the time,” she began. “I guess people see the skin-bleaching thing as something different but I see it as another … assimilation thing. It’s a continuation of the falsification of self that comes with being a black person in America. What’s the difference between getting your nose done and changing your skin colour? Nobody was upset when I was wearing 30-inch weaves and tearing my edges out”?

When questioned about the hypocrisy of Skin bleaching and her view on Black empowerment, Ms. Banks added that

To say that it negates anything that I’ve said about this current situations of blackness in America is stupid”. “Body modifications have nothing to do with someone’s intellect… the two don’t correlate”.

It is no surprise that Azelia Banks is a fan of skincare, often sharing pictures of some of her favorite beauty products on Instagram. Before launching her pro-lightening video, Azelaia Banks had previous shared a picture of Whitenicious, the skin lightening brand by Dencia, with the following caption: The Truth in a Pink Box

FullSizeRender (3)


Who knows if this the secret to her “lighter” look

azealia-banks bleaching 2



Do you agree with her? Is skin lightening same as weaves wearing?





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