The App every black makeup lover should get

By Ofe O.
Over the years, black makeup lovers have had problems of  popular makeup brands not making foundation and lipstick shades for a wide variety of skin tones, or not showing what their products look like on darker skin tones.
Amaka Ofunne, who has been a ‘victim’ of not getting the right colour for her skin shade, decided to “take matters into her hands” by developing an app –Cocoa Swatches, which she uses to show what different products look like on different skin tones.  The app allows users to “discover new and old makeup products through the CS swatch and review system,” and browse marketed products that are best suited for them. The platform also allows beauty lovers to learn makeup tips and tricks from the experts. The app according to Amaka was to fulfil the dreams of other black makeup lovers who felt “disappointed” by their make up products. The idea of arriving at the best makeup colour fuelled her drive to create this app.
 Amaka also has an instagram handle which is devoted to keeping her teaming followers informed on the various types and shades of products available. “When I first started the Cocoa Swatches Instagram account, I really didn’t have a vision for what it would be or what it could be. All I knew was that doing my makeup was a creative extension of personality, BUT, I was lacking the tools I felt I needed to properly indulge in this practice,” Amaka writes on her website. “It turns out that many others feel the exact same way.”
 The handle features beauty influencers each week, to alert it’s viewers on the popular products for the week. She reposts other bloggers’ swatches so as to enable people know what is going on in the beauty world.  Cocoa Swatches has become a trend now due to the numerous number of black make up lovers we have globally. It is a must have for all mobile devices.

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