Are Some Hair Extensions Cursed?

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By Ofe O.
Hair extensions have become a regular part of the modern woman’s beauty must have. They help to enhance finer strands, act as protective styling on natural coils and they add length to hair that refuses to grow. But imagine how you would feel if you found out that your favourite weave was cursed?!
Apparently there have been a spree of weave-related thefts and murders in Memphis  that has resulted in  NBC  investigating what they dub to be the dangerous world of hair extensions. Residents of the area are claiming the recent weave related crimes are due to the extensions coming from a dark origin.
        A few years back, Africans were sceptical about wearing human hair weave because of this same belief, but it is a trend these days to adorn human hair extensions. However, several women claim to have been cursed by their hair extensions as they say it brought bad omen to them. Some believe their extension got “cursed” due to the Indian  ritual of shaving off hairs for sale (this is usually done in Hindu temples).
     Members of the Memphis Christian community however disagree that extensions can be possessed and cursed. Dr. Bill Adkins, a pastor at Greater Imani Cathedral of Faith sees it as an “animistic belief”. Whichever way we view it, hair extensions have come to stay as they enhance the appearance of their wearer, improves their self esteem and gives them a sense of belonging.  There are various brands, colours, and sizes available; and they are packed to suit all pocket sizes.

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