5 Edgy Hairstyles to try this year!

It’s 2016, you want to try something different, maybe get an edgier look??

Well, why not try these following hairstyles!

Atypical Bangs

  • These are not your normal good girl fringes, they’re asymmetrical and frame the face in a whole new way.
photo 1(17)
PhotoCredit: ManeAddicts IG
PhotoCredit: Maria Okan Instagram


Edgy Low-Cuts

Who says low cuts are boring? try these styles for a modern twist on a classic look

photo 5(10)
PhotoCredit: TheCutLIfe Instagram


photo 1(16)
PhotoCredit: TheCutLife Instagram



Side Braid

Nothing says edge like this two style hair do. On one side you have braids, while the other you have your regular hair. Are you bold enough to rock this look?

photo 2(14)
PhotoCredit: ManeAddicts IG

photo 3(15)


The Metallic Hair Tattoo

Kylie Jenner spotted this look and it was all the rave in 2015, you can still recreate this look in 2016.

photo 4(9)


The Two Toned Mane

Ombre? that’s so 2015, 2016 is all about this bold highlights as seen on television presenter, Mimi Onalaja.

photo 1(18)
PhotoCredit: Mimi Onalaja Instagram


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