5 Beauty Tools you should invest in!

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Clarisonic Mia Fit– You love your Clarisonic, but let’s admit, it can be too bulky. Goodnews Clarisonic lovers, the company has created a nice portable version, it is the smallest version of the brush yet. It looks like just the top part of a Clarisonic brush, and it’s designed so that it can be freestanding. What’s great is that it easily fits in the palm of your hand.


Credit: NewBeauty.com
Credit: NewBeauty.com

Made popular by Instacelebrities, teeth whitening device are the must have dental accessory. Those pearly whites you’ve always wanted can be yours with just 32 minutes a day for five days. GLO Professional Teeth Whitening Device is clinically proven to help you achieve in-office results without ever having to leave home. The best parts are, you don’t have to worry about your teeth and gums becoming sensitive or irritated and you can multitask while whitening since the device is completely hands-free.


Credit: NewBeauty.com
Credit: NewBeauty.com

Wouldn’t you like your own LED lights? Well now you can, thanks to TANDA. Blue LED lights, sonic vibration and gentle warming work simultaneously to clear and fade blemishes with the Zap Power. The two-minute treatments help kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce redness without any irritation within 24 hours.


Credit: NewBeauty.com
Credit: NewBeauty.com

Thanks to PMD Personal Microderm Device, you can now have microdermabrasion anytime you want using the same aluminum oxide crystals found in some of the tools at your doctor’s office. This Device takes five to 10 minutes and only needs to be used once a week. The all-in-one anti-ager exfoliates dead skin, stimulates circulation, increases collagen production, unclogs pores so skin-care products can work deeper for more visible results, and ultimately resurfaces your face for radiant and firmer, younger-looking skin.




From the stables of Clarisonic comes the portable pedicure device, the Clarisonic Pedi Sonic Foot Transformation. With a higher frequency than the facial clarisonic, this device gently sloughs away dry rough skin, leaving feet baby soft . The device also uses sonic frequency technology for intensified exfoliation and includes two heads (one for smoothing and one for buffing) and three products—Buff, Balm and Boost—for the ultimate foot-softening experience.



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