The Cotton Ball Mascara Hack

Don’t you love discovering new ways to use everyday items you have around the house? Well this week, Beauty Instagram was ablaze over the “Cotton Lash Extensions” by Beauty guru Huda Beauty.

The same beauty blogger who brought us sticky tape contouring has now shared a tutorial about how to create dramatic lashes using a cotton ball. She explained in her YouTube Video: “I wanted to do a hack on how to get amazing lashes without using false eyelashes”.

Here’s what Huda’s eyelashes looked like before:


She starts by applying lash conditioner and mascara, then wraps cotton wool fibres around her spoolie brush and brushes these onto her eyelashes.

Huda then applies a second coat of mascara to secure the cotton wool in place (she then adds more fibres and mascara) and repeats the process on the other eye.

The finished result reveals full blown, brow-grazing eyelashes!



Interested in trying this look at home? Here’s what you’ll need


  • Masacara
  • Spoolie
  • Cotton Ball

Watch the tutorial for more information:




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